-Age: 25
-Staff Position: Kaerwyn Artist, Character Writer, Editor.
-Mun of: Lorelei, Telumi, Jakkal, J`khal
-Homepage: Realm of the DrakkoLupen
-Email: Jakkal@Shifters.Org
-Favorite Quote: "I am so going to mun hell..."
-Brief Bio: Jakkal was born and raised in Greensboro, NC, and always had a flare for Fantasy art. She's always loved drawing mythical creatures, from dragons, unicorns to anthropomorphic animals. As soon as she went to college in 95, she had her first taste of the internet, and discovered others that had the same fascination with anthropomorphic animals... otherwise known as furries, and the were-community. While she mostly stuck with the were-community, she has been keeping tabs on the Furry groups as well. In 1996 she discovered the wonderful world of IRC Real Time RPing, which is mostly spontaneous group writing over the internet.

In 1997, Lorelei was born as her favorite RP character. It wasn't until 2002 that she decided to play Lorelei full time once more in Kaerwyn. Jakkal plays several of the Kaerwyn characters, which will be debuted later in the comic.


Age: 26
Staff Position: Character Writer, puts up with Jakkal.
Mun of: Captain Tessemer
Homepage: N/A
Email: blackwolf@shifters.org
Favourite Quote: "Do I have to RP today?"
Brief Bio:  Get to this later.