For millennia people of all beliefs have pondered the nature of the universe. Where did it begin? Where does it end? What came before the theories, before the big bang? As people looked up to the stars to ponder, they lose sense of themselves; they become tiny specs in an infinite nothingness that engulfs them. As they move on, from the physical life, they learn there are more planes of existence to explore. That the physical realm is one among many, their spirits travel to the astral where nothing has shape or form. Many astral entities wished to become part of the physical; therefore they needed to scale the various planes of existences through different lives to make it there. Until one day, those who shape the universe created a world upon the Etheric. A plane like no other, the Etheric had both physical and astral properties. Those of the physical realms could still hold and create tangible objects, while those of the astral could give form from thoughts and ideas, and could even manifest corporeal bodies.

The dragons of Kaerwyn, as they were called, created this nexus world on the midlayer plane of the Etheric in order to traverse the other planes. They did so for many hundreds of thousands of years, until they ostensibly abandoned it. Some stayed on the physical plane, starting various myths of Kaerwyn and Dragons alike. While most of the dragons stopped using the gateways to settle down on their own world, people of other realms found they were trapped in the Kaerwyn gateways, commonly referred to as “rifts”. Kaerwyn was nicknamed the world of fate, as it appeared people arrived at Kaerwyn for what seemed like destiny.